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The Top 3 Causes Of Obesity

Being overweight or obese is something which is basically caused by the unhealthy accumulation of body fat. This excessive disposition of fat can cause a number of health complications and may even reduce life

Does Obesity Pose a Risk to Pregnancy?

Research data shows that more than a third of women in the United States are obese, more than half of the pregnant women are obese and 8 % of women within peak reproductive ages

Obesity Has Both Short and Long Term Effects On People

Just like any chronic illness, obesity has short and long term effects on a person’s health too. Generally, it’s very important for people to understand these consequences in order to figure out the best

Obesity In Women Is Threatening Global Well-Being

Obesity in women has become so widespread nowadays that it is now considered a national risk along with threats like climate change and terrorism. This is a problem which has grown quite a bit

Some Tips for Fighting Childhood Obesity

Obesity is among the fastest spreading diseases among children today. Being overweight as a child can create a number of health issues. There’s a high probability of overweight children becoming overweight adults too. It

The Easiest Ways of Fighting Obesity

Obesity is a problem which a large number of people are fighting around the world. It has been linked with problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular ailments. Sticking to